Birthing Support

Empowering you to experience the birth you need. Support as a full birth package or last-minute option.

Included in the package:

1. An initial meeting where we see how we click, and if you want to go further with me as your doula. This meeting is in a calm environment of your choosing. This meeting is included in the package price if you wish to go further. Otherwise the cost for this meeting is 600 sek.

2. If you decide to go ahead, we will write a birth plan and go through your wishes and ideas for the birth.

3. After this we will meet two more times where we can go over your birth plan and any questions you have. With your permission we can explore visualisation techniques as well as body positions.

4. I will be available 24/7 from week 38 of your expected birth. We can also talk by telephone and sms over this period if anything comes up.

5. About a week after your birth, we will have a calm visit where you can recount your birth story and talk through your experience.

Price 10,000 sek

I also offer a pay-as-much-as-you-can option
  • Please get in touch to discuss
    • Last-minute Option

      If you decide last minute that you need extra support during your birth, I offer a discounted package where I am present at your birth and there 1.5 hours afterwards. This option also contains a follow-up meeting to go through the experience.

      Price 5,500 sek

Postpartum Support

Every mother needs nurturing after their birth. Postpartum support can be found as an hourly option, or a package.

Postpartum per hour

You design to your needs
Sometimes you just need someone to chat to, or someone to hold bubs while you take a bath. This hourly option also includes aryuvedic healing foods if you so decide.

Price 550 kr/hr (minimum 2 hr) + cost for food ingredients

Postpartum Package

This package includes:

  • • Newborn care assistance
  • • Help in understanding babies cues wants and needs
  • • Care for baby when parents need to rest
  • • Housekeeping support
  • • Help in preparing aryuvedic healing dishes

10 hour option over 1 week: 5200 kr

20 hours over 2 weeks: 10 000kr

30 hours over 3 weeks: 15 000 kr