Willow Aislinn

My name is Willow and I see myself as a resourceful and creative person.

My Story

The needs of an individual have always driven my curiosity in my life. I discovered after the births of my three children that my life was heading in a certain direction. One Hospital birth and two home births in water gave me the experience and understanding of how powerful and amazing our bodies are and the vital importance that a women feels supported and confident throughout their birth. I followed this path through studying doula-ship and how to support and empower women to have the birth they need.

Birth and the Body

From my own experience I have great faith in the knowlege that our bodies have everything they need to heal and give birth. We just need to give the body the right support, emotionally and physically. I know that birth can be deeply empowering and how every birthing mother has a strong capacity to give birth confidently and positively. I would absolutely love to support you have the birth you need. It is truly life-changing. I will be there to support you emotionally and physically during your labour and pregnancy. I truly believe in you and your body's ability to give birth in whichever way you need.

Healing and the Body

The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself in the right conditions. The power of touch can be very healing and this has led me to study Craniosacral Therapy that taps into the membranes and natural fluid flow of the body. I offer sessions at a trainee rate. Please email me for more information. Read more about Craniosacral Therapy here


  • Red Tent Doula Training
  • Da a luz midwifery school
  • Body Intelligence: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy